All good things come to an end

All these great meetings, where we were able to spend time together, plan our future, work on project as a team, and many other things – these great feelings shall be stored just in our memory, because this was the last student meeting of this particular* project.

17th April till 23rd April was the Erasmus+ MEDIA meeting week in Latvia, Liepāja. We visited couple of companies in Liepāja, Ventspils and Kuldīga, took a part in great ice breaking activities, did very enjoyable workshops in professional audio recording studio, in ICT lab, in Betahouse transforming virtual reality to the touchable 3D toys and so on.

Here is small recap video:

Students also had workshop, where they had to learn about online advertisement, play some games, to get the idea even better, and after that they had to make promotional video for one of Liepāja based entrepreneur. You can watch outcome here:

* Yes, we have some ideas, how we could extend our friendships over, lets say – maybe another project? 🙂


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