Roberts & Inese @ Effective Use Of Technology in Teaching

Roberts and Inese, two our school IT specialists spent one amazing week in Great Britain, Scarborough, learning english and enwidening their knowledge in new media tools.

We had amazing chance to visit very historical, Victoria times, town situated by North Sea, experience great winds and waves crushing by the banks. Along visiting most famous places in Scarborough, Linda Polkowski did brilliant class for English learning, we were able to chat with guys from Saudi and Philipines about their situations in politics, education or their lifestyle. We were able to practice our speaking skills, gain many new words in English to express our feelings and ideas, and refreshed our grammar. The preparatory meetings in our school where the project coordinator gave us instruction about how to travel and what we should focus on during the courses was of great importance. The form we had to complete ( was useful to define our own goals for this mobility.

After English classes we spent a valuable time talking and exchanging ideas with Anglolang God of Technology Dan Methven. We were really pleased to see, that these people were thinking as we do in our school, in terms of technology. This is a proof that we are not going in the opposite direction.

Each evening we were offered to take part in optional evening events, and we didn’t resist to visit Open Mic night in classic English pub or listen to the live Jazz and Blues music in another. Maybe it would be a good idea that we visited theatre as well, but instead of that we had a brilliant time walking around and learning more about herritage about Scarborough.


Ineses guest house and and Roberts host family were just superb! We were able to see both accomendation options, but decide to recommend to have a host family for others, who could go to the courses next time. We were able to practice our English 100% of the time we spent there. Great opportunity, thanks #ErasmusPlus.


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